I carried aqua breeze to my pontoon boat because of the convenience and this fan is beneficial when I needed to charge my phone through the power bank and especially it will be good if it was a hot sunny day definitely worth to buy


My gym is always very hot because their air conditioning doesn’t work at the moment so I bring the aqua breeze fan with me every time I go to the gym and use the cold water mist on the portable fan to spray cold water on me during my workout, which has been very helpful. It also doubles as a humidifier at night time, which I like because I hate sleeping in dark rooms, but I love this thing and I would definitely use it while traveling :)

Jessica P

I’ve always carry my aqua breeze portable fan everywhere. One time I was going into a outdoor restaurant patio which it was really hot in it and got tired using a menu to blow wind so when I got my aqua breeze fan in the car and used it for the outdoor patio. I definitely felt more cooler and when I was pouring ice cold water into aqua breeze fan tank the cool spray on the fan felt really good definitely recommend this portable fan if you want to cool off anywhere!

Danny Morris

When I brought this fan to camping most people came up to me and asked about this fan. I guess I’m starting to get fans lol but this fan is definitely helpful for traveling or if your building has no power. Since there are not really many outlets at our campsite I use this fan to charge my phone while I can cool off with a soft touch of ambient lighting and gotta say I’m going to keep using it and maybe replace my bulky fans for this one for convenience!


I love how calming the fan is especially when this fan has a built in humidifier feature it helped me fall asleep better because how relaxing this fan sounds not too quite and not too loud just perfect comfort noise level. I would this portable fan if I were you guys

J Jack76

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